wild skies gallery what’s the magic?

so what’s the magic of oil paintings?

Well, we’re all familiar with the ubiquitous art print; a relatively faithful, yet ultimately flat and lifeless representation of a work of art, they’re mass produced and sold in millions.

And certainly they have their place, particularly if all you seek is to add a touch of colour to the bare walls of your home. To each his own.

But what about those of us who want something more satisfying from our artwork? Well, we could buy an original painting by our favorite artist. Or could we? In many cases that painting would cost more than the home in which we would like to hang it! We have a dilemma.

Fortunately a solution is at hand in the form of these beautiful replica oil paintings from Wild Skies Gallery.

Here, in contrast with the soulless print, we have a hand-painted copy and yet at the same time an unique piece of work, alive with the artist’s brushstrokes, the texture of the canvas, the smell of the paint.

Artists have often returned to the same subject time and again. Van Gogh, for instance is known to have painted many versions of his famous “sunflowers”.

It’s also quite common for famous paintings to be re-assessed as being, in fact, the work of pupils of the master artist to whom they had earlier been attributed.

Thus, reproductions have been part of the art world since painting began, with aspiring artists learning the skills of their profession by the meticulous study and imitation of the masters.

So what is the magic? The answer is simple, and yet impossible to reproduce by mechanical means. Whether it’s the old master painter, his pupil, or the highly-talented artists who paint the beautiful fine art reproductions for our gallery today, it’s the individuality which results from the interaction of artist, brush and paints, to produce a thing of beauty; a joy forever.